Automating App Content Distribution with qonnect

For a business, it is of paramount importance to be present in the mind of people when they make a decision to buy items or to use services. That is  the main job of marketing and advertising: to make sure your business is just one click away. For this purpose, social media platforms provide means to create target audiences and send your campaigns automatically to the “right” people at the “right” time.

Now, if you have your own app, keeping it up to date and sending out infos on a regular base is equally important. Like running campaigns on social media to attract new customers, your objective should be to keep your users in your (active) app engaged. However, updating your app with new content on a regular base can be tedious and eat away a considerable amount of your time. You have to select the content, import it into a backend, format it to fit into the app, select your audience (if possible) and then send it (with or without push notfications).

The qonnect platform just does that for you:

1. qonnect imports the content from different sources like your website, webshop, blog, etc.
2. qonnect filters content for different segments (channels)
3. qonnect sends updates (with or without push notifications) directly into your app

The beauty is that all is fully automated and highly configurable according your business needs.

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