Introducing the Morawa Content Hub

We’ve implemented a content hub for our customer Morawa as part of their digital transformation strategy. The strategy rests on several pillars, Active Apps, automated content generation and distribution and multichannel engagement.
The content hub is the glue of the digital transformation strategy that holds these parts together. It is the central point where information is collected and other communication channels (Apps, Web, Progressive Web Apps, Chatbots, Speakers) retrieve content for sharing. The main challenge of such a content hub is to provide access to the content in a way that other channels can easily work with. Our platform uses RSS feeds as means for this. RSS feeds are automatically updated when new content becomes available on the content hub and distributed to the different channels. The data format of RSS feeds follows a well adopted standard which is easy to parse and use. Thus Morawa creates engaging experiences for their customers with practically zero technical overhead.

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