The Mobile Morawa Shopping Avatar

Using loyalty card programs is good for businesses for a number of reasons. First of all, loyal customer spending is 46% higher. Also, businesses can increase their revenue by nearly 50% while retaining only 5% of their customer base with a loyalty card program. And last but not least, a typical business makes about 65% of the business with existing customers.

Morawa’s Loyalty Card

Like many businesses, our customer Morawa has a successful loyalty program in place. Customers have physical loyalty cards that let them save money on every purchase. All they need is to present the card when they buy books at the Morawa store. Therefore it was a no-brainer to integrate the loyalty card into the Morawa App. In doing so, we laid the groundwork for the application of the shopping avatar concept in the Morawa App.

Morawa’s Mobile Shopping Avatar

The mobile Morawa shopping avatar turns the physical loyalty card into an interactive mobile experience. It lets the customer define his or her interests directly in the Morawa app. This lets customers control the information flow from Morawa directly in the app.

From Physical Card to Mobile Avatar

The mobile Morawa shopping avatar is created by scanning the customer loyalty card with the Morawa app. After a customer scans his or her loyalty card, an anonymous shopping avatar instance is created and stored in the Morawa App. The avatar has access to the interests that can be managed in the Morawa Apps interest settings. Thus, the physical card is transformed into the mobile shopping avatar.

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